Tips to Sell

Tips to sell

Tips To Sell

We cannot stress the importance of presenting your property as best as it can possibly be to ensure you get the best possible price but most importantly, you achieve a buyer.

First impressions are important so often the front exterior of the property is just as important as the inside. Ensure the exterior is clean, tidy and well presented, pathways swept and free from weeds. Any woodwork to be painted and fresh. Windows clean and hedges trimmed. Any fencing could have a fresh coat or preservative and minor repairs carried out.

‘You can see in the above picture that the house looks great but the weeds in the driveway catch your eye and the plant to the left of the door is losing its life. Also the bottom of the door requires sanding and varnishing. These are very important point to give a better first impression’.

Inside the property should be tidy and no maintenance issues to resolve as this gives the impression they may be many repair jobs to take on with the purchase. 

The initial hallway should be free from hanging coats and shoes on the floor. Give the hallway a feeling of fresh clear space.

A lovely homely aroma can help so a fresh pot of coffee prior to any viewing is a lovely touch.

It is often wise to not be present on any viewing so to allow the potential purchaser to feel relaxed in their possible new home. If the vendor is present it often feels like an interview/viewing.

If you are thinking of moving, why not request a free no-obligation market valuation of your property?

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