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Fees and services

To Sell - Fees and Services

At Woodholls we do not believe in standard fee levels as we believe every property is not standard and every client has different needs. We will base our rates on each individual client and property. Why not ask for a free valuation where we will be able to supply you with our best possible rates for your property and your needs.

We do not restrict you to a sole agent contract for a long period of time. If you are not satisfied with the service you receive form Woodholls then you can simply provide us with 2 weeks notice to terminate our agreement. You will be free to use any agency. We do not over value properties to gain vendors instructions and tie them in to a long agreement where your only option when the property has not sold is to reduce the price but you are stuck with the agent who mislead you at the start. Feel free to invite us to discuss this with you in more detail free of charge.

The value of your property is the price that someone is prepared to pay for it and this figure will be discussed at the appointment so you fully understand the market you are entering.

If you are thinking of moving, why not request a free no-obligation market valuation of your property?

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