Deposit Return Tips

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Deposit return tips

Upon the tenant checking out of the property we will be sent the typed report within 2 working days. We or yourself will send a copy of the report over to the tenant with any costs for dilapidations listed on it. If the cost is not to hand at that point then you will need to supply the cost as soon as received.

If the costs are acceptable to the tenant then we will return the remaining deposit funds as long as we have been supplied a forwarding address and account details by the tenant and we have also seen written confirmation from both parties. You cannot just send us a list of what you want to charge. You must agree all with the tenant first.

If the costs are not acceptable then negotiation may take place or the case may be placed with the ICE at the TDS. Refer to your tenancy agreement for particulars in this regard.

If the property is managed by Woodholls then we will handle this entire process. Alternatively if the property is not managed by Woodholls then all correspondence will be direct with your ltenant and once Woodholls are supplied with written agreement by both parties of any deductions or not, we will disburse the funds accordingly.

There is a 3 months window from the end of the tenancy to resolve matters or refer them to the TDS. We will aim to resolve issues as soon as possible and if all proceeds as expected then we would look to return funds within 2 weeks but on most occasions the process will be completed in a week.

The check-out report will list all changes in the condition of the property. Common dilapidations are things such as:-

  • Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Oven, Hob, Extractor cleaning.
  • Marks to walls
  • Marks to floor
  • Chips to door frames
  • Missing light bulbs.

All items listed will either have a compensation figure that you feel acceptable or an actual cost that a contractor will apply. You should furnish the tenant will all of these figures to gain their acceptance. If a contractor is required then you should provide the invoice to the tenant.

If you cannot reach an agreement with the tenant then either party can raise a claim with the ICE at the TDS ( but we should advise you that it will be unlikely you will be awarded any funds if you did not use the services of an independent inventory company at the start of the tenancy. 

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